Protect your No.1 investment – your staff

September 14, 2010

Darwin Air FilterFitting Losma’s patented Darwin Air Filter on your machine tools is one of the best ways of protecting the health of you and your employees.

By removing mists and vapours created from soluble or neat oil, the Darwin air filter can save you money and improve the working environment.

The Darwin Series covers throughput from 600 to 3,000 m3/hour. It is suitable for widely differing applications, from small lathes to grinding machines or complex machining centres.

The air filters of the Darwin Series collect and coalesce the oily pollutant though centrifugal action of the rotor. The collected oil is simply sent back to the machine tool through the drainage pipe.

Compact design and flexibility ensure they can be mounted in any position. They are the only filter which can be operated in both vertical and horizontal position using a single mounting kit.

Routine maintenance is simple as every component has been designed to be easily accessible, in situ.

As your needs change so can the Darwin. It is a modular system. There are 150 permutations. These components can be changed at any time.

The three rotor types are interchangeable to allow for different types of machine tools.

The high level of filtration guaranteed by the Darwin can be further increased by pre and post filters.

Losma Darwin Air Filter.