About Us

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Accessories for Manufacturing Pty Ltd, provides Australian manufacturers a select range of world class accessories under one roof.

AFM offers productivity improving products that will assist manufacturers to remain competitive in the face of an increasingly competitive global environment.

Based in Melbourne with a distribution network throughout Australia, this operation provides top quality products backed by experienced technical, installation and service support personnel.

The Australian market has required a company to offer a range of world class accessories for many years. AFM brings to this market, well known world class brands such as DE-STA-CO, SMW Autoblok, Iemca, Zoller and Losma with a concentration of technical expertise and a focus to deliver a level of service rarely seen in our market before.

Many of these world renowned products have been available in the Australian market under different arrangements and as such already have a track record. AFM with it’s marketing, distribution and service channel arrangement provides much greater market coverage, involvement and awareness so that manufacturers can actually realise their potential productivity gains.

Accessories for Manufacturing Pty Ltd (AFM) represents only quality products to enhance the manufactures productivity and environment this will ensure that as many people as possible will appreciate and use these accessories to enhance their equipment capabilities.