Tool Presetting

Your guarantee for an increase in efficiency and quality.

ZOLLER »smile« is the entry-type presetting and measuring device for small-scale manufacturing that offers you absolute top technology in a vertical small-format at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Compact and easy to operate it may be used for any purpose: machining centers, transfer machines, boring mills, CNC controlled lathes and in tool grinding and sharpening shops for measuring grinding wheels and tools.

The »smile« is available with »pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0« software in five different measuring ranges depending on tool length.

Due to its low investment cost, the »smile« is ideal for small and mid-size companies that have a small to moderate number of tool changes. Axes slide movements are manual and standard parameters are measured automatically (length, diameter, radius and two angles).


  • Universal presetting and measuring device for no-contact measuring and presetting of all kinds of tools
  • Easy to operate thanks to »quick Touch« touch-screen monitor, and automatic cutting edge detection in all four monitor quadrants even with cutting edge shapes > 90°
  • Automatic measurement of 5 parameters (length, diameter, radius and two angles)
  • Equipped with »C.R.I.S.« function for automatic measuring of largest tool diameter without manual focusing
  • 5 measuring results within seconds at a push of a button (length, diameter, radius, 2 angles)
  • Vision system with tele-centric lens, dynamic cross-hairs


  • Productivity increase of at least 15 %by reducing non-productive machining time
  • You reduce rejects as a result of measured and preset tools.
  • You increase the service life of your tools while reducing tool costs.
  • You reduce tool breakage and therefore automatically reduce tool costs.
  • You prevent tool crashes with measured and preset tools and therefore significantly reduce repair costs and eliminate downtimes.
  • You receive consistent and plannable machining rates, because tools are always consistently preset and measured.
  • Control-oriented data transfer prevents input errors and crashes.
  • The automatic zero point control prevents the wrong tool from being installed on the machine, thus eliminating crashes and downtime.
  • You check your tools at the time of receipt to ensure excellent quality. This also reduces tool costs.
  • You reduce machine set-up times with preset and measured tools.
  • You save an average of at least 3-5 minutes in set-up time for each individual tool.
  • You check the wear of the tools with the cutting edge inspection and reduce tool costs through timely re-sharpening.
Technical Specifications
Z axis
Z axis
400 mm
200 mm
400 mm
600 mm
300 mm
600 mm
600 mm
200 mm
400 mm
600 mm
300 mm
600 mm
800 mm
300 mm
600 mm
Setting accuracy
< 2 µ
Display accuracy
1 µ
Positioning accuracy
+ / – 1 µ
Concentricity at spindle nose
2 µ
Concentricity at 300 mm
Concentricity at 500 mm
5 µ
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