The latest version of the Master 880, the Verso, is a unique and versatile machine which can function at the very highest speeds while also offering maximum flexibility in production.

High Performance

The polyurethane guides and front bush that support the bar allow extremely high rotation speeds to be reached, guaranteeing a turned product with an excellent surface finish.

Excellent Flexibility

The snap-in polyurethane guides and other equipments on the Master Verso allow you to machine a wide range of bar diameters using the same channel, or to switch to another configuration in just a few minutes.

Exceptional Rigidity

The precision design and build of the Master Verso ensure the very highest levels of torsional and longitudinal rigidity, eliminating all vibration.

Changeover Times

If the machine has to be reconfigured, the time required for the complete operation is as short as 8 minutes, thanks to new software and to the introduction of three quick-fit systems.

Front Bush

The front bush accurately guides the bar between the feeder and the lathe, eliminating all vibration. The time needed to replace the two half-bushes is less than 30 seconds.

Snap-In Guides

The round section guide channels are fully closed and lubricated and can be completely replaced without tools in less than 2 minutes. Guides are also guaranteed interchangeable with previous guides.

Self-Centring Knives

The knife group that introduces the bar into the fingers is self-centering. Thanks to this, no adjustment is needed by the operator when bar size changes.


The magazine is available in three different versions, making the feeder easily adaptable to different product type.


This is a bundle type magazine specially designed for large production lots, with a capacity of 2500 Kg. It features automatic bar selection.


This is a magazine with 2-3 removable floors offering a maximum capacity of 1800 mm, equivalent to 72 bars of 25 mm.

Technical Specifications – Verso F/P
Round bars Ø 8 – 80 mm
Hexagonal bars 7 – 65 mm
Magazine capacity mod. P (superposed rack magazine) 1800 mm – Ø 8-45mm 3 acks (ex.n° 180 Ø 10 mm bars) 1200 mm – Ø 46-80mm 2 acks (ex n° 14 Ø 80 mm bars)
Magazine capacity mod. F (bundle magazine) 2500 Kg
Bar changing time 30 sec.(for 3300 mm bars) mod.33
Feed speed 150 mm/sec. (adjustable)
Return speed 950 mm/sec
Feed voltage 230/400 volt
Compressed air 6 bar