KID 80

Automatic feeder for short bars suitable for all types of single-spindle lathes. Featuring outstanding versatility of application.

The feeder can handle bar diameters from 5 to 80 mm and lengths from just 90* mm to a max. length of 1615 mm, providing this is compatible with the length of the lathe spindle.
Ideal for applications on CNC and cam lathes with either fixed or sliding headstock.

Model KID 80 is designed to provide full benefits of automatic feeding without neglecting dimensions and space requirements. The ideal application for this feeder is in a production environment producing small and medium sized batch quantities with frequent work changeovers.

The changeover from one bar diameter to another is performed rapidly and easily by means of simple and fast devices.

This system is entirely mechanical, thereby assuring reliable performance and efficiency. No compressed air connections are required.

The system adapts readily to all working situations and all types of lathe (fixed headstock, CNC or mechanical type). The KID 80 can also handle bar pieces by inserting them into the spindle.

* optional

Technical Specifications
Round bars Ø 5 – 80 mm (3/16″ – 3″)
Hexagonal bars 5 – 65 mm (3/16″ – 2″ 1/4)
Magazine capacity 600 mm (working width) – max. 250 Kg
Bar changing time 28 sec.
Feed speed 0 – 500 mm/sec. (adjustable)
Return speed 1000 mm/sec.
Feed voltage 230/400 volt