BOSS 332-E

The new BOSS 332-E, ideal for sliding headstock lathes, is the latest model in the series of BOSS bar feeders – a series that by virtue of the 8,800 units already present on the market constitutes one of IEMCA’s most important achievements of the last decade.
The new design features of the BOSS 332-E combine to deliver a capacity to withstand the highest levels of strain during machining processes, not to mention a remarkable degree of operating flexibility. Bar changeover from one diameter to another has never been simpler or quicker, making the BOSS the ideal partner for lathes that frequently alternate machining types during the same day.


  • Bar diameter range : from 3 to 32 mm
  • Bar length : from 3200 to 4400 mm
  • Bar introduction/extraction clamps self-centring directly on bar, requiring no adjustment by the operator when changing bar size
  • New guide channel (patented) completely closed during machining cycles; rapid replacement and interchangeable with previous guides
  • Lubrication system optimised by no-filter, no-maintenance centrifugal pump
  • Bushing holder device is designed for rapid changeover (less than 30 seconds!) of front half-bushings after each machining cycle
  • Maximum reliability and visibility of remnant fall
  • Double bar pusher considerably reducing bar feeder length
  • Brushless motor
  • PLC integrated into the electrical panel, for dialogue with the lathe controller
  • Single-rack magazine fitted with devices designed for rapid selection of bar diameter and quick bar loading
  • User-friendly hand-held pendant keypad for easy programming
Technical Specifications
Round bars Ø 3 – 32 mm
Hexagonal bars 3 – 27 mm
Magazine capacity 280 mm (Working width)
Bar changing time 30 sec. mod.32
Remnant length 400mm (optional 700)
Feed speed 700 mm/sec. (adjustable)
Return speed 950 mm/sec. (adjustable)
Feed voltage 230/400 volt
Installed power 2 KW
Compressed air 6 bar (when necessary)
Bar feeder weight Mod.32 – 835 Kg
Mod.37 – 900 Kg
Mod.44 – 980 Kg
* Bar magazine can be located on either side