Issue 8 – Command series

January 12, 2011

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Take Command of your scrap metal

The Command series are an innovative range of swarf compacting machines designed to increase the value of your scrap metal and save you costly cutting oils and coolant.

With a superior build quality featuring a single compression cylinder design, the 200, 400 and 600 Models set a new standard for metal recycling technology.

With various configuration options for auger box, shredder and coolant filtration products, you’ll be equipped to take command of your scrap metal today!

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Command Series


Realise your ROI potential

$ Superior return on investment
$ Reduced labour requirements
$ Increase the value of your scrap metal
$ Reduce required factory space
$ Reduce scrap transportation costs
$ Reclaim valuable cutting fluids and coolants
$ Advanced design for superior reliability
and productivity

Financial Benefits


Realise your GREEN potential

Recycle Symbol Recover up to 98% of lost coolant

Recycle Symbol Reduce scrap storasge requirements

Recycle Symbol Comply with ISO 14001 EMS

Recycle Symbol Meet your EPA obligations

Recycle Symbol Provide a cleaner work environment

Recycle Symbol Remove coolant spillage during transportation

Recycle Symbol Increase scrap recycling efficiency

Environmental Benefits