Issue 6 – Figures show positive signs for our industry

June 24, 2009

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News from AFMISSUE 6

Austech 2009


Figures show positive signs for our industry

The AIG-PwC performance of manufacturing index has recorded its biggest ever monthly gain in May, new home approvals are surging, retail sales were up in April and people are generally feeling better about the economy.

These are definite signs that a point has been reached where people are starting to believe that the worst is overand that they should now be thinking of how they must organise their businesses as they emerge from the downturn.

This year’s Austech show is now behind us and whilst the numbers were down on previous years, the quality was up and we are looking forward to closing some solid business in the coming weeks.

However, for those who couldn’t make the show, it is important to remember that there is still time to take advantage of the government investment allowances.

  • Orders placed after 13 December 2008 , but before 30 June 2009 with a delivery made before 30 June 2010 — 30% investment allowance
  • Orders placed after 30 June 2009 with a delivery before 31 December 2010 — 10% investment allowance
  • Orders placed before 31 December 2009 by companies with turnover less than A$2m per annum, with a delivery before 31 December 2010 — 50% investment allowance.
  • There are special R&D incentives also available to larger companies with a turnover of more than A$20m which should not be ignored.

Even if you are not spending a king’s ransom, you should consider these incentives as there is no point in paying too much tax.

If you require more information conatct AFM or visit the ATO website at:

Please read on below to learn more about how our products can save you time and money while reducing your impact on the environment.

Alfie 500

Alfa Laval

Save money by saving your oil and coolant
Alfa Laval Oil and Centrifugal Separators

Keeping your machine tool coolant and oil clean is a simple yet effective way of reducing your manufacturing costs and maintaining productivity.

Using Alfa Laval’s range of centrifugal separators, you can reduce the need to replace and dispose of your machine coolant and oil, thus reducing the cost of this expensive process, further contributing to your productivity, these accessories are also designed to reduce:

  • Tool wear caused by tramp oil and solid particles present in coolants
  • Quality problems during later processing
  • Health problems for your staff

Read more information on the Alfa Laval range here.

Quick Jaw Change Chucks

SMW Autoblok

Quick Jaw Change Chucks
SMW Autoblok Workholdings

The Quick Jaw Change chuck gives the machinist the ability to change chuck jaws in one minute or less. Changing chuck jaws quickly results in a reduction in spindle idle time and more revenue generated by the machine tool. The KNCS-N or NB can easily pay for itself in less than a year.

The advantages of the QJC chuck are as follows:

  • Change jaws quickly, rapid setup
  • Great variety of jaw types available
  • Accuracy
  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • High gripping force
  • High – low chucking
  • Ideal for small batch production

The jaw change mechanism on the KNCS-N (NB) uses an external key inserted into the chuck body that disengages the jaw from the internal drive mechanism in the chuck, allowing the jaw to be removed from the chuck body. Read more

For more information on the SMW Workholding range click here

Bar Feeder


Keep feeding your machines
Iemca Bar Feeders

If you’re operating fast CNC production lathes, you can ill afford to have your machines sitting idle waiting for stock. With a magazine-style automatic short bar loader from Iemca, you can achieve continuous unattended operation, thus keeping down cycle times, maintaining consistent production times to help meet schedules and reducing those all important costs.

Iemca are one of the world’s leading designers and producers of automatic bar feeders for single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes.

With the widest range of products on the market, they specialise in the production of parts and materials handling equipment for loading and unloading machine tools.

Iemca’s bar feeder products range in bar capacity from:
ø0.8mm ~ ø100mm in various lengths up to 6,000mm.

Read more information on Iemca bar feeders here



Protect your No.1 investment – your staff
LOSMA Air Filtration

Italian based Losma are a fully certified and world renowned manufacturer of the highest quality air and coolant filtration products on the market.

Fitting Losma’s patented Darwin Air Filter on your machine tools is one of the best ways of protecting the health of you and your employees.

By removing mists and vapours created from soluble or neat oil, the Darwin air filter can save you money and improve the working environment.

The Darwin Series covers throughput from 600 to 3,000 m3/hour.  They are suitable for widely differing applications, from small lathes to grinding machines or complex machining centres.

The air filters of the Darwin Series collect and coalesce the oily pollutant though centrifugal action of the rotor. The collected oil is simply sent back to the machine tool through the drainage pipe.

Compact design and flexibility ensure they can be mounted in any position. They are the only filter which can be operated in both vertical and horizontal position using a single mounting kit.

Routine maintenance is simple as every component has been designed to be easily accessible, in situ.

As your needs change so can the Darwin.  It is a modular system. There are 150 permutations. These components can be changed at any time.

The three rotor types are interchangeable to allow for different types of machine tools.

The high level of filtration guaranteed by the Darwin can be further increased by pre and post filters.

Read more information on the LOSMA range of Air & Coolant Filters here

Zoller Smile


Keep your tools for longer
Zoller Tool Presetters

The Smile series of presetting and measuring machines from Zoller offer an easy, quick and accurate method of measuring a variety of CNC tooling. Based on the larger Venturion range, the compact and versatile base unit and easy to use software makes the Smile especially suited for use in small to medium sized manufacturers as either a bench top device, or standalone unit with base.

  • The high precision accuracy of the device offers many benefits to your manufacturing, both in terms of efficiency, production levels, and financial savings
  • Featuring automatic tool cutter recognition, the Smile can measure and test all your tools regardless of whether you are using standardised cutter shapes or special stepped tools
  • The QuickTouch user interface allows for operation without mouse or keyboard
  • Tool management software available on the Smile series allows for measured data to be uploaded onto your machine controller directly

Read more information on tool presetters from Zoller here

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