Issue 4

February 24, 2009

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News from AFMISSUE 4

Alfie 500

Alfa Laval

Alfie 500 – Your New Coolant Cost Saver

Clean coolants save more than you think.

Alfa Laval’s smallest metalworking coolant cleaning module ever, the Alfie 500, is a mobile, plug-and-play system designed to remove contaminants from smaller metalworking systems. Based on high-speed centrifugal separation, it is dimensioned to handle volumes up to 5600 litres (5 m3), operating either at standstill or during a production run, without interrupting the machining process.

The Alfie 500 separates tramp oil as well as metal fines and solid particles down to 1µm from the coolant. With top-ups, continuous cleaning extends the coolant lifetime up to 10 times that of oil without a centrifuge. This equals considerable savings on fluid and filter disposal and replacement. Additionally, clean coolants extend tool lifetime and provide production runs without breakdowns. Clean coolants also result in more precise machining and fewer rejects, meaning further savings.

Read more information on the Alfie 500 here


Zoller Smile


Zoller Smile

The Smile series of presetting and measuring machines from Zoller offer an easy, quick and accurate method of measuring a variety of CNC tooling. Based on the larger Venturion range, the compact and versatile base unit and easy to use software makes the Smile especially suited for use in small to medium sized manufacturers as either a bench top device, or standalone unit with base.

  • the high precision accuracy of the device offers many benefits to your manufacturing, both in terms of efficiency, production levels, and financial savings
  • featuring automatic tool cutter recognition, the Smile can measure and test all your tools regardless of whether you are using standardised cutter shapes or special stepped tools
  • the QuickTouch user interface allows for operation without mouse or keyboard
  • tool management software available on the Smile series allows for measured data to be uploaded onto your machine controller directly
Zoller Smile specifications

Read more information on the Smile here


Driven Tooling

SMW Autoblok

Driven Tooling from SMW Autoblok

Supplementing its wide range of world class workholding products, SMW Autoblok offer an extensive range of driven tooling designed to match the specifications and performance of your CNC lathe.

The patented premium quality gears and bearings of the tools offer quieter operation. SMW’s ‘Labyrinth’ seal is designed to protect the front bearings and tool from outside contamination and to extend tool life. The patented drive transmission featured on the tools provide higher torque transmission, lower vibration and superior strength over drive key transmissions found on other tooling. This is achieved by mating the ground shaft and the gear in a single operation, formed by a square or hexagonal union.

AFM can supply all of SMW’s premium quality driven tooling products
on the following make of machines, all at competitive prices:

  • HAAS
  • KIA
  • and more

Read more information on the SMW Driven Tooling here