Issue 10 – Austech 2011

April 20, 2011

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News from AFM – ISSUE 10: Austech

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Manufacturing & Environmental Solutions

AFM are your specialists for manufacturing productivity & environmental improvements.

The equipment we offer, have been selected to help improve:

  • Productivity – by means of well engineered work holding and materials handling, as well as automation and robotic tooling solutions. In our competitive world we must work smarter.
  • Environment – by air filtering and removal of contaminants from coolant and factory wash systems. All of this has the great benefit of reducing machine and/or operator down time as well as reducing your coolant bill and giving you a higher return on your swarf. Help the environment while helping your bottom line.

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This year we will be displaying the following equipment:

ALFA LAVAL Alfie 500 Coolant Cleaning System
DE-STA-CO Automation & Robot End of Arm Tooling
LOSMA Air Filtering Equipment
PRO Bar Feeding Machines

Read below to find out more about our brands.

News & Events

Alfie 500 – Coolant Cleaning Module


Alfie 500

The new Alfie 500 high-speed centrifugal separator from Alfa Laval effectively removes contaminants, such as tramp oil and metal fines, from metalworking coolants. Designed for small and medium-sized workshops, the Alfie 500 outperforms conventional methods, cleaning more effectively than skimmers, filters and settling tanks. Cleaner coolant delivers tangible benefits to the metalworking industry in the form of reduced costs, better product quality, less downtime and a healthier, odour-free work environment.

Longer coolant life

Thanks to high-speed separation technology made simple and affordable, the Alfie 500 prolongs coolant lifetime by between three and five times. This reduces coolant disposal costs. It also lowers the costs associated with production stops to buy and replace coolant and to clean tanks since the separator can operate during production and when the equipment is idle. These cost-savings make investment in this separator a wise choice and one that, in most cases, pays for itself in less than a year.

Better product quality

Clean coolant contributes directly to overall product quality. The Alfie 500 keeps coolant clean by using just a single step to remove tramp oil and most metal particles down to 1 micron. This significantly reduces tool wear, results in fewer rejects and dramatically improves product quality. Since these contaminants no longer adhere to tool and component surfaces, processing precision is maintained and clean up simplified.

Healthier work environment

What’s more, using this coolant cleaner eliminates the unpleasant odors that can result when hydrogen sulfide gas forms from anaerobic bacteria that grows on the tramp oil in the tanks. The separator draws the tramp oil off the coolant and pumps it into a collection tank. This minimises the risk that machine operators develop allergies or skin problems from contact with the oils.

Ready to go

The Alfie 500 has got large wheels, so it will travel—even across uneven workshop floors. Its compact design occupies about a half square meter of floor space, making it easy to move through tight spaces to any location, including hard-to-access sumps. This versatility enables you to service just one tank, or several. The system handles coolant volumes of up to 15 m3—no small feat for a compact separator.

Clearly controllable

This high-speed separator comes with an added benefit: it requires no supervision whatsoever. In fact, it is so easy to operate that it practically runs itself. Just plug it in, connect the hoses at the machine’s bypass flow and press the start button. A PLC-based control system conveniently displays all functions on a control panel using easy-to-read symbols and clear text.

Truly the most effective cleaning method

High-speed centrifugal separation is the most effective way to clean all types of process fluids. Using the force of gravity to separate contaminated fluids in a settling tank is both time-consuming and largely ineffective. Heavy particles slowly settle to the tank bottom, while the lighter fluids rise to the top—and in between there’s a mixture that remains unseparated. In contrast, a centrifugal separator generally applies a force that is 5,000 times greater than the force of gravity to the process fluid to increase separation efficiency. The disc stack further enhances separation efficiency by providing a larger surface to which particles can adhere and directing lighter particles toward the bowl periphery. This makes centrifugal separation truly the most robust and efficient cleaning method for cleaning process fluids.

De-Sta-Co – Automation and Robot End of Arm Tooling


DE-STA-CODE-STA-CO, a Dover Company, was founded in 1915. In 1936 the company designed and manufactured the first manual toggle clamp.

Innovations, quality and acquisitions have made DE-STA-CO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs.

The family of brands has enabled DE-STA-CO to establish leading productivity improvement and cost reduction manufacturing solutions for our customers using the range of products and value-added services we offer.

Bag Grippers
Off the shelf bag grippers ranging from 9kg to 70kg payloads including the option of bolt on slip sheet feeders and pallet grippers, DE-STA-Co has your range covered.

Vacuum Cups / Mag-lift
With a large range of vacuum cups including, Mag-lift part lifting magnets that are pneumatically operated through to venturi style vacuum generators, spring loaded cup mounts and also with boom mounted and block style manifolds. This all can be incorporated together with our Bodybuilder and spidergrip systems.

Bodybuilder end of arm tooling
Bodybuilder style of end of arm tooling including octagonal aluminium booms, mid mounts, transistion brackets, accessory brackets and gripper mounts, swivel arms, mounts and accessories, all this off the shelf you build exactly what you require with the ease of your gripper being modular if future requirements for change arise.

Spidergrip end effector
Spidergrip end effector tooling systems including heavy duty mid mounts, booms adaptors and spacers, junction mounting components and edge mounting components, it all starts with a spidergrip frame and you build your end effector to your requirements again all off the shelf components.

Are you tired of searching through catalogues to find what you want, how about a free copy of Robotiser, this program will narrow down your search requirements down to a few with just inputting some data of what you require.

For more information call AFM, or see us at Austech.


Losma – Air filtering equipment



Losma’s environmentally friendly technology

If you feel your business could be doing more to:

  1. Protect the health and safety of your staff, and
  2. Reduce the impact it is having on the environment, read on.

In recent years, the increasingly important issue of ‘sustainability’ has impacted the entire economy, none more so than the industrial sector.
Environmental technologies are those whose use is designed to prevent, reduce and recover all types of pollutants. Adopting new materials, new processes, new working methods and a little know-how can help your business operate with low environmental impact. In the same way the automotive industry has been forced to adopt its own environmental technologies, so too our industry needs to adopt more sustainable and ecologically minded practices.
Losma’s environmentally friendly air and coolant filtration products represent an important tool at the front line in the control and elimination of pollution.

Something as simple as fitting a Losma air filter to your machine tool, or installing one in your workshop can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. By reducing your emissions and allowing for the re-use of valuable machine oils, you are protecting the health and safety of your workers, whilst also saving your business money.

Pro – Bar Feeders and Loaders


ProThe Pro line of bar feeders are the CE compliant economical solution for your bar feeding needs. These bar feeders are designed for durability and dependability, while still priced to meet your budget. The Pro line of bar feeders Automatic Magazine Bar Feeders and Short Loaders are designed for flexibility, offering a small foot print per unit. The Short Loader models allow for long periods of unattended operation because of large magazine capacities and auto bar loading. If you need a cost effective solution to automate your lathes, the Pro line of automatic bar feeders and short loaders are the answer.


SMW Autoblok – Work Holding Equipment


SMW AutoblockSMW Autoblok are the largest power chuck manufacturer in Europe. Since 1942, Autoblok has been at the forefront of engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art workholding, clamping and tooling solutions. The global corporate organization is dedicated to QUALITY, PRICE, TECHNICAL SUPPORT and CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our products are manufactured to the most demanding standards in the world, yet priced competitively to those products of lesser performance. Autoblok has achieved sustained global growth by providing a superior level of customer service and technical support for our application driven product line.

In 1993, Autoblok acquired SMW of Germany. The combination of these two premier manufacturing entities resulted in the most extensive product line of high quality workholding devices in the world. Now available exclusively through its subsidiaries, reps and distributors, SMW AUTOBLOK customers are ensured a consistent, single source of superior product performance, support and service.