Issue 1

April 15, 2008

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News from AFMISSUE 1

SMW Big Bore Chuck

SMW Autoblok

BIG BORE® chucks from SMW Autoblok

We all know of the importance of the mining sector in today’s Australian economy. In view of this the requirements for drill rods has grown exponentially.

AFM would like to draw your attention to the range of BIG BORE® chucks on offer from the leading chuck and workholding manufacturer SMW AUTOBLOK.

These fully self contained Air Chucks will not restrict the all important bore of your lathe as there is no draw tube.

Yet these powerful chucks give you all the features of the power chucks fitted to high volume CNC Lathes.

These features include consistent clamping pressure and MUCH faster clamp / unclamp cycle time as your operators are not fumbling around looking for chuck keys or wasting time clocking up the part in a 4 jaw chuck because you don’t have a 3 jaw chuck with a BIG enough bore.

These BIG BORE® chucks have bore ranges from 140mm ~ 534mm.

Read more information on BIG BORE® chucks here.

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LOSMA Darwin Filter


LOSMA keeps the workplace clean

Did you know that oil mist is DANGEROUS for your health and EXPENSIVE for your company?

The benefits of fitting LOSMA OILMIST FILTERS on your machine tools include:
– Helps to prevent INJURIES, ALLERGIES and ILLNESS of your workers
– Reduces consumption and increases the life of machine coolants
– Reduces FIRE HAZARD risks
– Increases productivity
– Improves your company image through a cleaner work place.

The oil mist produced during machining applications propagates in the workplace causing possible short-circuits resulting in increased fire hazard risks.

The oil mist deposits on every surface increasing the risk of accidents from slipping and insecure manual handling.

The microscopic metallic residues in suspension in the air and the mineral oils are potentially carcinogenic. These can enter into the respiratory system and settle on the skin causing problems of allergies, dermatitis and other more serious problems.

LOSMA air filters take the air from the machine tool, specifically purify it from pollutants and allow the recycling of the machine coolant.

Read more information on the LOSMA OILIMIST FILTERS here.

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About AFM

AFM products offer productivity improving solutions to help your business remain competitive in the face of an increasingly competitive global environment.

Based in Melbourne with a distribution network throughout Australia, AFM products are backed by our experienced technical, installation and service support personnel.

The Australian market has been crying out for many years for a company able to offer a range of world class accessories. AFM is this company and offers such well known brands as SMW AUTOBLOK, MARIO PINTO, IEMCA, ALFA LAVAL, ZOLLER and LOSMA.

Many of these world class products you have probably seen previously from other companies but we are pleased to be able to exclusively bring them together to a specialist company focused on making your business more efficient.

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