New BIG BORE® Spring Clamp Chucks

October 21, 2010

The new Big Bore® Spring Clamp Chuck from SMW Autoblok offers fast actuation for shorter cycle times and greater productivity. The modular design of the chuck allows it the adjustability of actuating either three spring packs, six spring packs or nine spring packs, dependent on the needed gripping force. The spring packs can be removed easily with common hand tools, and they do not extend beyond the face of the chuck, ensuring no tool interference and safer clamping.

The chucks are completely sealed and extremely low maintenance. They require less frequent lubrication (compared to competitive chucks), less downtime, no reliance on rubber seals and provide a constant gripping force.

Clamping speed is adjustable through the built in throttle system on the side of the chuck. The chuck may be partially opened to add ease to shimming.

The SMW Big Bore® Spring Clamp Chuck consumes less air due to spring clamping and requires only a simple air control unit. This means lower cost for both operation and installation hardware.

With bore sizes of Ø275mm, Ø395mm and Ø565mm, these impressive new chucks are designed to fit spindle sizes A-15 and above.