Losma Sirius

The Air Filtration Range is completed with a system tailor-made for spark erosion. SIRIUS ER 800 is a filter with a throughput of 800m³/h, designed specifically for the emissions from this type of machining.

Equipped with no less than two pre-filtration stages (metallic and fabric) and four activated carbon cells, SIRIUS represents the most comprehensive solution to the particular characteristics of the fumes given off by dielectric fluids used in spark erosion machining.

Technical Specifications
Max air flow* m3/h
800 m3/h (50Hz) – 950 m3/h (60Hz)
Filtration stages
Suction inlet Ø
125/150 mm
Turbine in steel
Head kpa/mm H2O
Three-phase electrical motor : 230V/50Hz – 265V/60Hz 3P+PE (delta connection).
400V/50Hz – 465V/60Hz 3P+PE (star connection).
Protec. index : IP 55 – Frame size: 70 Insul. Class F
230V/50Hz I (regime) = 2.33 A- 265V/60Hz I (regime)= 2 A
400V/50Hz I (regime) = 1.34 A- 465V/60Hz I (regime)= 1.1 A
0.55 kW (50 Hz)- 0.63kW (60Hz)
Net weight Kg
Tital weight Kg
Noise level Dba
67 (50 Hz)
69 (60 Hz)
* Free inlet