Issue 7 – The green issue

November 16, 2010

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Welcome to our Green issue

Today we are focusing on the environmentally friendly products we offer from our associate partners.

Read how GW Kewder in Victoria saved time and MONEY by cleaning and re-using their machine coolant, then read on to see how the products featured can protect your staff, save you money and help the environment.

Air Filtration Coolant & Oil Filtration Swarf Compacting


Gerry Warrington

Gerry Warrington
Owner – GW Kewder

Alfa Laval

Alfie 500 saves more than just coolant

GW Kewder gained more than they bargained for with their Alfie 500

GW Kewder Engineering Pty Ltd in West Heidelberg, Victoria is a specialty manufacturing company with a strong focus on developing cost-effective products for their customers. From machined and fabricated parts to fully assembled products, GW Kewder have the capacity for large scale production with a collection of metalworking machinery that includes: 4 Multitasking Machines, 7 CNC Lathes and 11 Machining Centres.

As you would expect with this amount of machinery in operation, GW Kewder use a large amount of machine coolant. Gerry Warrington, owner and operator of GW Kewder, told us that around 8,000 litres of coolant is used every quarter. “In the past we pumped out the dirty coolant and replaced it on a regular basis, overall we had to clean out the coolant system of at least one machine every week,” said Warrington.

While this kind of regime obviously becomes expensive on an operation of this magnitude, smaller operators with fewer machines also know coolant to be a considerable cost. There is the labour associated with handling and discarding old coolant, replacing the new coolant and of course, whilst all this is all happening, your machine is not operational. Warrington explained, “While we conceded coolant was just a cost of our business, we always thought there had to be a better way.”

When Accessories for Manufacturing’s Howard Crampton introduced GW Kewder to the Alfa Laval “Alfie 500” centrifugal coolant cleaning system, the concept was initially met with scepticism. The idea of effectively cleaning your coolant and returning it to a useable state just seemed too simple. However, after an in-house demonstration in which the Alfie 500 unit was able to perform everything it claimed it could while the machine was still in production, from separating the coolant from tramp oil, dirt and particles, then returning the coolant to an almost original state to be re-used, Warrington was sold. Additionally, the machine was so effective at cleaning the used coolant that one machine operator at GW Kewder who suffers from dermatitis, was able to submerge his hand in the treated coolant tank without any inflammation of his condition.

GW Kewder

Gerry Warrington (GW Kewder) and Howard Crampton (AFM) with the Alfa Laval Alfie 500

Since ordering the machine in late 2008, Warrington told us “The Alfie 500 has been used every day, rotating between all our machines and as yet we have not had to drain and replace any of our coolant systems in this time.” GW Kewder have also seen a pay back on the machine in a short 6 month period, which in Warrington’s eyes, should make purchasing an Alfie 500 a simple decision for almost any metalworking manufacturer.

As Warrington will attest, if you are using machine coolant, you should also be using an Alfie 500.

Read more information on the Alfa Laval range here.



Achieve sustainable manufacturing

with Losma’s environmentally friendly technology

If you feel your business could be doing more to:
a) protect the health and safety of your staff, and
b) reduce the impact it is having on the environment, read on.

In recent years, the increasingly important issue of ‘sustainability’ has impacted the entire economy, none more so than the industrial sector.

Environmental technologies are those whose use is designed to prevent, reduce and recover all types of pollutants. Adopting new materials, new processes, new working methods and a little know-how can help your business operate with low environmental impact. In the same way the automotive industry has been forced to adopt its own environmental technologies, so too our industry needs to adopt more sustainable and ecologically minded practices.

Losma’s environmentally friendly air and coolant filtration products represent an important tool at the front line in the control and elimination of pollution.

Something as simple as fitting a Losma air filter to your machine tool, or installing one in your workshop can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. By reducing your emissions and allowing for the re-use of valuable machine oils, you are protecting the health and safety of your workers, whilst also saving your business money.

Read more information on the Losma range of Air & Coolant Filters here.