Achieve sustainable manufacturing

November 24, 2009

If you feel your business could be doing more to:

a) protect the health and safety of your staff, and

b) reduce the impact it is having on the environment, read on


In recent years, the increasingly important issue of ‘sustainability’ has impacted the entire economy, none more so than the industrial sector.

Environmental technologies are those whose use is designed to prevent, reduce and recover all types of pollutants. Adopting new materials, new processes, new working methods and a little know-how can help your business operate with low environmental impact. In the same way the automotive industry has been forced to adopt its own environmental technologies, so too our industry needs to adopt more sustainable and ecologically minded practices.

Losma’s environmentally friendly air and coolant filtration products represent an important tool at the front line in the control and elimination of pollution.

Something as simple as fitting a Losma air filter to your machine tool, or installing one in your workshop can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. By reducing your emissions and allowing for the re-use of valuable machine oils, you are protecting the health and safety of your workers, whilst also saving your business money.

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